Traces is a think-and-do tank on science, its communication, and its relationship with society.
Traces actions revolve around three main axes :

1. Interdisciplinary reflection on science and its social impacts, crossing science communication practices with the approaches of cognitive sciences, sociology, history, pedagogy, and philosophy.
2. Training in science communication and education, directed to scientists, science communication students, teachers, animators, etc.
3. Consulting for research institutions, science centres and museums, companies, local authorities

This unique association brings together the knowledge and skills of young versatile professionals (researchers, teachers, animators, journalists, museographers, trainers, editors...). Most of them hold a degree both in experimental sciences and in social studies, and are associated with research laboratories in various universities.

Fueled by the experience of its members, the reflections of the Traces group gives it an expertise and an innovative outlook appreciated by many prestigious institutions, both public and private.
Traces is linked with the Ecole normale supérieure where, as a Research & Development-Diffusion Group of the Cognitive Studies Department (Paris, France), it organises trainings, conferences and seminars.